The Best Specialty Shops Near Our Apartments in College Station, Texas

Thanksgiving meal

If you’ve remained in the area this Thanksgiving, but still crave the flavors of the season, why not host your very own dinner? With the help of local specialty shops, cooking can be as easy as pumpkin pie. Step inside these local stores for all your holiday needs and delights: Honey Baked Ham While the […]

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Visit Sam Houston National Forest this Autumn

hiking in College Station

Autumn finds residents of Rise at Northgate hard at work hitting the books as finals loom closer. Cooler weather makes it a little easier to hole up inside in front of screens and books, but good mental health and optimum stress management require plenty of rest and relaxation, too. A Stanford University study shows that getting out […]

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Where to Find the Best Soup in College Station

soup in College Station

As the temperatures drop, we’re all looking for warmth and comfort. A bowl of soup is the perfect meal on a cold or rainy day. Typically restaurants don’t go around bragging about their amazing soups, so we’ve put together a list for you. These are the best places to enjoy soup near our apartments in College […]

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