Try Out a Dance Class Near College Station

dance classes in College Station

Maybe you’ve always felt a little clumsy about dancing. You’ve purposefully avoided situations where dancing might take place. Or you’ve kept to the side of the dance floor, hoping it would all be over very quickly. Or you might be the opposite – ready to go at the hint of any rhythm. You feel the […]

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The Best Fitness Classes in College Station

a fitness class in College Station

Trying a new gym can be an intimidating experience. When you’re not sure exactly what you’re getting into, it can be difficult to find a place that helps you get over that sense of trepidation. For a comfortable and invigorating experience, step inside one of these three local fitness centers that offer unique classes. CrossFit […]

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Melt Away Stress at Pure Bliss Day Spa

in a spa in College Station

Whether you want to unwind after a busy week of studying with a deep tissue massage or decide to treat yourself with a spa manicure and pedicure, Pure Bliss day spa is the ideal destination. Located conveniently close to the apartment community of Rise at Northgate, Pure Bliss is one of the top day spas in College Station and […]

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